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  • Revitalizing Eye Gel
  • Revitalizing Eye Gel

Revitalizing Eye Gel

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Product Details

Masqueology Revitalizing Eye Gel.  A synthetic mesh single use under eye mask saturated with advanced revitalizing ingredients that creates a gel-like texture that contours to your eye area leaving them refreshed.


Contains 3 masks 
    1. Wash your face to remove makeup and any environmental toxins.
    2. Gently unfold mask and place on your face, adjust the eyes, nose and mouth opening. Eyes and mouth can either be covered or exposed. • Relax for 20 minutes with the mask in place.
    3. Remove the mask from your face and discard.
    4. No need to rinse, massage remaining product into your face and neck.
    • Reduces puffiness under the eyes
    • Helps brighten and refresh the eye area

    Key Ingredients:

    Hydrolyzed Collagen

      • Keeps skin supple and prevents it from wrinkling and sagging
      • Optimize the hydration and firmness of the skin
      • Improves the elasticity of the skin and collagen production
      • Regenerating qualities
      • Improves and nourishes skin cells
      • Stimulates skin collagen synthesis and elastin
    Pearl Powder
      • Keeps skin smooth, soft and supple
      • Prevents pigmentation by slowing down the development of melanin
      • Natural Moisturizer and proteins that renew the skin cells
      • Contains 20-22 amino acids important building blocks
      • Rich in vitamins, sea minerals, and amino acids
      • Great detoxification properties and anti-oxidant
      • Anti-inflammatory

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