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  • Self-Change Lip Tint Mellow Pink

Self-Change Lip Tint Mellow Pink

$ 12.00

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Product Details

Match your sweet charm and go beyond tenderness with Mellow Pink Self-Change Lip Tint!  

A versatile lip tint that gives the user freedom of choosing 7 different stains to mix and match with the desired mood. Pull off a whole new stain by mixing two colors, one responsible for the intensity and a long-lasting stain, one for nourishing the lips with nutrients that targets common lip problems like dullness, dry, and cracking lips.

Formulated with Vitaskin E, and Aquaxyl, Patented ingredients responsible for moisturizing and keeping the lip moisturized for a longer period of time. Contains ingredients like Safflower Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate improves softness and suppleness of the lips.


  • 7-step color change
  • Tested 27 hours color persistent
  • Non-sticky, moist texture for a glossy look
  • Moisture and Nutrients from Patented Formulation
  • Smear and smudge-proof formula
  • Free of artificial additives/ingredients

Great For:

  • Dry Lips
  • Dull, Lifeless Lips
  • Lack Of Elasticity that Causes Cracking


  • Rotate the bottom part of the lip tint counterclockwise to produce the desired intensity of stain
  • Apply lip tint to the lips
  • Rotate the bottom part of clockwise to lock the lip tint and avoid unnecessary mess

Key Ingredients

Vitaskin E

                A patented ingredient derived from a special mixture of raspberry seed oil and vitamin E ester. It helps keep the skin hydrated, reduces skin cracking, and promotes cell renewal for a softer and more supple lip.


                Acts as a skin barrier that limits the loss of hydration and moisture. Aquaxyl also boosts the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid of the dermis, ensuring a well moisturize skin inside and out.


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