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Why Use Face Masques?

We are all familiar with facial masks made out of liquid or clay-like substance. These traditional forms of facial masks application and wash up can be quite the hassle and mess. Typically, when you purchase these jars or tubes of traditional masks, you are treating one main skin problem at a time, buying multiple mask products can become costly and wasteful. Today, life can be so much easier and convenient with Masque-ology by Beauty Architects. These multi-functioning, synthetic face masks are immersed in advanced nutrients and ingredients to give your skin exactly what it needs. With Masque-ology, you simply apply the facial mask after cleansing your face, leave on for approximately 20 minutes and toss after use. There is no need to re-wash your face and no mess to clean up. The nutrients and ingredients have penetrated into your skin, leaving it softer, more radiant with a youthful, relaxed glow. Additionally, the simple, no-fuss packaging makes them easy to carry, which makes traveling a breeze.