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Why Masks?

Concentrated Ingredients for Targeted Skin Concerns

Masks come drenched in a solution called essence. This essence is always packed with concentrated ingredients to deliver a burst of nutrition to your skin while masking. With a wide variety of masks to choose from, Masqueology allows you to customize your skincare routine by selecting a mask that has the best ingredients to treat your specific skin concerns.

Superior Ingredient Delivery

But good ingredients are found in cleansers and creams too, right? Masks take skincare to another level by ensuring these nourishing ingredients are truly absorbed by your skin. With a mask, all of the active ingredients have 20 minutes to truly soak in. Masqueology offers different types of masks from gel to peel off to sheet masks, so you can choose which is most convenient for your lifestyle.

20 Minutes of Self-Care and Relaxation

Aside from the physical benefits masks offer your skin, they also offer a relaxing at-home spa experience. After spending your day taking care of others and working hard, masks offer you time for you to breathe and work on YOURSELF - if only for 20 minutes!


Face masks can deliver spa-quality results in just 20 minutes at home. When you incorporate these masks into your regular skincare routine, you will notice glowing, healthy skin and will even protect against future damage.