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What Our Masques Offer You?

C.O.R.E. - Convenient, Original, Relaxing and Effective

Convenient. Today's lifestyle dictates the need for a beauty regimen that is convenient. Masque-ology by Beauty Architects provides the solution with multifunctioning face masks needing only 20 minutes of your day. Any time, any location, Masque-ology will fit into your lifestyle.

Original. Masqueology sets itself apart from other facial masks with its innovative design using special woven materials that create two distinct benefits for its user. Designed to better follow the contours of the face, you will experience greater comfort and ease in use. The unique design also increases the penetration of the advanced formula ingredients into the skin delivering the desired visible results.

Relaxing. Masqueology creates the sensation of the spa experience. Simply wearing the masks relaxes the facial muscles and releases the signs of stress and fatigue. The result is a renewed overall appearance in just a brief 20 minutes.

Effective. With Masqueology, visible results rivaling those of a spa treatment are achieved while still being far more affordable. Special nutrients and ingredients will penetrate into your skin leaving it healthier, softer and more radiant with a youthful relaxed glow and the added benefit of reduced fine lines.