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What Is Your Skin Telling You?

We are very excited to introduce Masqueology: a unique, mask based treatment line that is convenient, portable and designed to meet individual skincare needs. We listened to what our skin was telling us and realized that the environment and daily stress have a profound affect on our skin. Through our research, we were able to develop a range of products that address these issues. We offer an assortment of masks, each created with a different combination of ingredients and formulated to suit every skin. To support results achieved through these treatment masks, we have also created products to further enhance the results. Whether you are looking for maintenance, prevention or repair, Masqueology offers a convenient, unpretentious approach to skincare.


Unmask the Beauty Within!



Company Positioning

Masqueology by Beauty Architects is a company that offers products that are designed to solve your daily beauty concerns at an affordable price. Using innovative, treatment-based technology with the understanding of the fast paced lifestyle of today’s consumer brings us to our company’s mantra.

"It's Safe, Fast, Affordable and it Works"