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Our Story

We Believe In The Three-Ologies

BIOLOGY | The Science Behind Beautiful Skin

M*O products were created with a group of chemists and dermatologists dedicated to the improvement of how our skin reacts to the environment and chronological aging. Previous research already established clear evidence that exposure to ultraviolet light – UVA and/or UVB –has a profound effect on wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. This group specifically focused their research on photo aging, damage to the skin caused by daily exposure to UV rays including visible effects such as wrinkles, skin roughness and hyper pigmentation. The same UV rays transform the 7-dehydrocholesterol (pro-vitamin D3) in our skin into the essential Vitamin D3. The research team concentrated their efforts to combat the decrease in the production of 7-dehydrocholesterol that occurs as we age. Pro-Vitamin D3 is the most important factor in protecting the skin from photo-damage. After 10 copious years of research, our dermatologists have created a patent formulation for an anti-wrinkle ingredient.


TECHNOLOGY | Delivery Systems for Beautiful Skin

M*O needed to create an easy convenient way to deliver advanced active ingredients to your skin. A mask system would deliver the right amount of product and allow for the concentrated amount of time needed for the products to penetrate into the layers of skin and be absorbed. The old technology of the paper masks was simple and convenient but not advanced enough to effectively deliver the special ingredients found in M*O. A need for a new technology to hold these specific ingredients lead to the development of the Gel Mask with it's unique two part construction giving it a better fit to all face shapes. The inner-woven mesh pattern gives the gel mask the flexibility to hold the right amount of product and the strength to be easily handled. Additionally, the use of Silk Cellulose Masks was chosen for use with specific masks which require compatibility with certain active ingredients without losing any strength or comfort. The masks are easy to apply and can be worn at anytime. M*O masks are a fast, easy way to get an intense treatment in a short time at an affordable price.


PSYCHOLOGY | The Attitude of Beautiful Skin

M*O masks have an additional beneficial effect on your face. While wearing the masks for 20 minutes, you are releasing the stress of your facial muscles. The result is a very smooth, relaxed and tranquil appearance. Taking those few minutes for yourself gives you the gratification that you are focusing on you. The masks work both physically and mentally relieving the stress of the day on your skin. M*O is creating a new lifestyle approach by energizing your skin's natural functions and relaxing the signs of stress on your face.