Self-Change Lip Tint Mellow Pink

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Pull off a variety of shades from sweet charm to bright and tender with Mellow Pink. The Self Change Lip Tint includes a long-lasting lip stain and a nourishing white balm. Dial up the balm for a more subtle color, or turn up the lip stain for a bold pop of color. Mix for up to 7 different shades!


  • Detailed Description
  • How to Use
  • Ingredients
    • Up to 7 different shades
    • Tested 27 hours color persistent
    • Non-sticky, moist texture for a glossy look
    • Formulated with patented ingredients like Vitaskin E and Aquaxyl to help treat dry, cracked lips
    • Free from artificial additives/ingredients
    • Rotate the bottom chamber of lip tint counterclockwise to turn up the color intensity
    • When finished applying, rotate the bottom chamber clockwise to retain excess product
  • Vitaskin E - A patented ingredient derived from a special mixture of raspberry seed oil and vitamin E. It helps hydrate lips to reduce cracking for a softer, more supple lip.

    Aquaxyl - Acts as a skin barrier that limits the loss of hydration and moisture. It also boosts the naturally occurring hyaluronic acid for plump, hydrated lips.

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