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Masqueology's 4 Facial Masks reviewed by Casual Contrast

Posted on November 04 2016

Emily Dehar, the creator of Casual Contrast was kind enough to try out our Facial Masks and give the world her opinion.  Emily is a "20 something nail artist, writer, and dog mom".  With Casual Contrast she sets out to show the world that there is more dimension to a millennial than one might think.  Her blog offers a "middle-of-the-Country perspective on womanhood.

Emily took advantage of our new affordable line of facial masks, currently available at Walmart.  It was refreshing to get her opinion and we love her input about how simple they are to apply and her detailed analysis of each mask she tried.  She also gave a nice review of our display.  These masks are located at the end of the beauty aisle in an end cap display specifically for Facial Masks.
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