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"Hair Sheet Masks Are For the Lazy Girl in All of Us" - InStyle

Posted on June 01 2018

Masqueology offers hair mask targeted for specific hair concerns:

Learn how Masqueology's Hair Masks are able to bring you that salon hair care treatment that you are looking for from the comfort of your home. 

If you are dealing with dry hair due to loss of moisture, Ingredients such as honey, propolis, & collagen, help hydrate the scalp and hair. Honey is a natural hair conditioner which enzymes allow the dull hair to shine by drawing moisture into the hair strands. 

A damaged hair can also be dry but fixing it requires more than just conditioning hair products. Fixing this always starts from the roots. Ingredients like blackberry, cocoa, and coffee are known to be rich in antioxidants that help repair the scalp. Having a healthy scalp allows the hair to rest from harsh toxins that rooted deep in the follicles.

Did you know that Potato could give shine to a bounceless, dull hair? Potato Juice, along with Keratin complex, plays a huge role in promoting a better hair scalp. A healthy scalp in return allows each hair strand to have enough nutrients for the hair to grow more vibrantly.

Unlike typical hair conditioners, Masqueology's Hair Treatment Masks can offer a more intense treatment by utilizing the body's own heat. This self-heating method allows the hair to fully absorb the nutrients by relaxing the scalp -- along with special formulations that encourage the scalp to absorb nutrients found on each hair mask.


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