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Is Following A K-Beauty Regimen Worth It?

Posted on July 06 2018

Is Following A K-Beauty Regimen Worth It?From celebrities posting sheet mask selfies to Korean beauty, or K-Beauty, sections popping up in drugstore beauty aisles, K-beauty and skincare is having a moment all around the United States. But what makes it so different than its Western counterparts, and is following a K-beauty regimen actually worth it?


What is the K-beauty regimen?

In simple terms, K-beauty refers to beauty products made in Korea. This includes both makeup and skincare, but the K-beauty focus is primarily on skincare. The philosophy focuses on nourishing the skin so it is as healthy as possible, minimizing the need for heavy makeup. This focus results in a multi-step skincare regimen with as many as 10 steps, though the actual number of steps you incorporate depends on your personal skincare goals.

Ten steps can sound intimidating, but the great thing about the K-beauty regimen is its customizability; one-size does not fit all. A highly personalized regimen works to heal your individual skin concerns overtime for healthier skin. Your specific skin concerns and areas of focus will determine what kind of products and ingredients will be best for your routine. Your lifestyle will also help determine how many steps you build into your regimen - consistency matters more than the number of steps for long-lasting results.

In the end, a K-beauty skincare routine is designed to keep your skin as healthy as possible for a natural dewy glow. Products like essences, serums, and masks (our favorite!) provide hydration and nourishment one layer at a time for healthy, luminous skin.


Are all of those steps worth it?

K-beauty lovers around the world will argue “Yes” with enthusiasm. While your mileage may vary with any particular skincare routine or product, the K-beauty skincare philosophy tells you to listen to your skin to keep it as healthy as possible. It’s a form of self-care you can see visible results from over time.

Sheet masks and rubber masks are a great introduction to the world of K-beauty. These mini-at-home-facials provide intense hydration for an instant glow boost. They also let you test different ingredients and formulas to see what your skin likes and what your skin loves.

A good starter K-Beauty routine can consist of a cleanser, a serum for specific concerns, a hydrating mask, and a moisturizer to seal everything in. If you’re starting a new routine, document your progress as you go, and don’t be afraid of taking before, during, and after photos to watch as your skin changes over time!


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Do you think K-Beauty routines are worth it? What questions do you have about Korean Skincare? Comment below, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!  

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