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Ask the Mask 101 - Volume 1

Posted on June 29 2018

Ask the Mask

Skincare can be confusing - with specialized ingredients and the range of products available, where does one begin to look for what’s actually going to deliver results for their unique skin type? Now you can Ask the Mask - welcome to our monthly segment where we dive into your skincare questions! Need answers? Email us at and your question might be featured on a future blog!

What’s the best thing to follow your mask with after you have done the treatment?

First of all, as experienced maskers may know, do NOT rinse your face after a sheet mask. Instead, you can rub in all remaining essence so your skin gets every last drop of goodness. If there are specific skin concerns you are treating, you can follow a mask with a facial oil, serum or treatment cream. If not, you can simply follow up with a moisturizer to seal in all of the hydration you just gave your skin.

Sometimes when I take a mask out of its packaging, there’s a ton of leftover essence in the packaging - is my mask defective?

Not at all! Sheet and gel mask packaging will commonly have remaining essence in the packaging - this is to ensure that the mask is as drenched as possible. To get some bonus benefits, you can use this remaining essence to moisturize your neck, hands, knees, or wherever your skin can use a hydration boost.

Can I wear my mask longer than recommended for added benefits?

We highly recommend following the directions on any given mask. It may sound like a good idea to leave a mask on for longer to let everything soak in, but in actuality, leaving a sheet mask on longer than instructed can result in drier skin than you started with! Once you apply a sheet mask, your skin benefits from all of the essences via osmosis. When that mask has dried up, that osmosis process begins to reverse - meaning the mask can pull moisture back out from your skin. It can be easy to drift asleep with a relaxing max on, but this is not recommended. You can always set a timer to be sure!

Want your questions answered? Email us at and your question can be on next month's Ask The Mask! 

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